Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Tries to Keep Star Out of Rehab in Plea Deal

Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Tries to Keep Star Out of Rehab in Plea Deal

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is working to keep her out of rehabilitation in the latest courtroom drama for the actress. Attorney Mark Heller has argued that these latest charges of lying to police have nothing to do with drugs or alcohol and thereby do not warrant rehabilitation.

"A plea deal could be reached without Lindsay being forced to go into treatment. Since she wasn't arrested or charged with crimes related to drugs or alcohol, a plea deal requiring her to go to rehab isn't the only way a resolution can be reached. There are other possibilities including the options of Lohan undergoing extensive counseling and lengthy community service," a source close to the case told Radar Online.

Lohan was on probation when she was asked whether she was driving at the time of an accident. Police have stated they believe the actress lied, and because she was on probation, Lohan had to go back to court. Her lawyer, while attempting to work out a plea deal, is hoping to avoid the actual trial, which is schedule to start on March 18.

Of course, this is only one of a series of problems facing the young actress. She reportedly still has outstanding debt of at least $500,000 stemming from a failure to pay her previous attorney and the IRS. Actor Charlie Sheen loaned Lohan $500,000 to help pay down the debt, but it only covered half of what she needs.

"Lindsay is in denial about her financial situation. She owes at least $200,000 in state and federal taxes and doesn't have an income coming in right now. Who knows if Lindsay will ever pay Shawn (Holley)?" a friend told Radar.

Lohan's reputation has been tarnished by her actions on and off-set, with multiple arrests, trips to rehab, and reports of trashing her living quarters on the set of films. The actress was last seen in Lifetime TV's "Liz & Dick," in which she portrayed Elizabeth Taylor.


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