Lindsey Vonn Airlifted From Race After Crash (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Rick Wilking/Reuters)Lindsey Vonn of the U.S. kneels down before climbing onto the podium as she celebrates winning the women's World Cup Super G in Beaver Creek, Colorado December 7, 2011.

Two-time Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn has been airlifted from a mountain in Austria after crashing during a race in the world championships. Vonn lost her balance, fell, and is believed to have broken her tibia in the incident.

Vonn reportedly lost her balance as she was landing a jump; her right ski came off and Vonn then slid into a gate before coming to a stop. Medics immediately began treatment on the slope and treated her for an estimated 12 minutes before airlifting her via a waiting helicopter to a nearby hospital.

"She has to be OK… Please be OK," tweeted Mikaela Shiffrin, Vonn's teammate.

Ironically, Vonn had blogged about her concern before the race. Weather conditions were making it difficult for the competitors to practice before racing.

"I've been trying to be patient and stay calm, but it's pretty tough with the way the weather has been. I know they're going to try really hard to get the race off Tuesday. None of our staff has been on the hill. We don't know what shape the hill is in. We don't know anything about it," Vonn blogged on the Denver Post.

"It's tricky to know the terrain when all you have to go on is course inspection the morning of the race. It's not an extremely complicated hill, but it's going to be extremely important to have a good inspection before the race," Vonn added.

"It's not a very difficult course, but in some parts you couldn't see anything," skier Fabienne Suter of Switzerland has said, according to the Huffington Post, confirming Vonn's assessment.

Well wishes have poured in from across the world from fans, fellow skiers, and others.

"Lindsey Vonn has been airlifted off the race hill, friends. Keep her in your thoughts. We'll update as news becomes available," tweeted Ski Racing Magazine.

"I feel sorry for Lindsey Vonn. There's no one I'd wish such a crash. Looked terrible," added Dianaura.

Below is a video of the incident: