Lockheed Martin F-35B (VIDEO): Night Time Vertical Landing Completed Successfully (PHOTO)

A Lockheed Martin F-35B has completed its first vertical landing at night, according to reports.

(Photo: YouTube/LockHeedMartin Screen Shot)A Lockheed Martin F-35B performs a night time vertical landing.

The historic landing took place on the USS Wasp, and has been heralded as a landmark point in the development of the government's aircraft developments.

The F-35B has been praised for its ability to land on an aircraft carrier without needing a hook to prevent it from sailing off. The feature has been the craft's stand out point and has drawn a lot of attention.

The landmark landing took place after the USS Wasp left the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River, Md. on Aug. 12.

The USS Wasp had two F-35Bs on board, and plans were put in place to conduct 18 days of ship trials.

The US Marine Corps has said, "Pilots will expand the F-35Bs allowable wind envelope for launch and recovery, conduct first-ever night operations at sea, conduct initial mission systems evaluations at sea, evaluate the dynamic interface associated with aircraft operations on a moving flight deck, and further evaluate shipboard sustainment of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter."

The historic night time vertical landing was performed by a U.S. Marine Corps test pilot on Aug. 13.

Here is a video showing the amazing landing: