Lolo Jones: Starstruck on the Set of 'Left Behind'

 Track star and U.S. bobsledder Lolo Jones is the latest addition to the growing cast of the new "Left Behind" movie adapted from the fictional end times series made popular several years ago by authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

The disaster movie, much like the original film starring Kirk Cameron as Buck Williams, focuses on a band of survivors who find themselves left behind after the occurrence of the Rapture, or the spiriting away of Christians to heaven. The plot is based on the first book of the same title in LaHaye's and Jenkins' 16-part series.

Jones tweeted a photo of herself on the set and shared with fans how she nearly lost it when she sat next to Nicolas Cage, who plays Rayford Steele in the upcoming apocalyptic flick.

"Nicolas Cage sat next to me during makeup and my head bout spun round like Ghost Rider BUT I 'ACTED' cool. Learning this craft fast #LeftBehind," Jones tweeted.