Love Letter Goes Viral: Little Boy Rejected, Girl Says Try Again in 'A Month or Two'

A love letter has gone viral after a user posted the elementary school note on Reddit. The note contained a boy's quest for a girlfriend and her pragmatic rejection.

The love letter that went viral was uploaded by user reasonable-doubt, who said he "found [it] in a box of elementary school projects" from some time ago. His little brother was at the time infatuated with a girl, Ashley, and he really wanted to be her boyfriend.

"Would you please be my girlfriend I like you a lot," the young boy wrote, completing the note with "yes," "no" and "maybe" options for her. Her highly practical reply is what internet users found hilarious.

"I'm sorry I alredy have a boyfriend Kyle but when we break up you're my next choice," Ashley wrote back. "P.S. that will proboby be a month or two."

The love letter swept the internet, getting over 1.25 million views in less than a day, and garnered some funny responses of its own.

"This kid later went on to invent OKCupid," one redditor posted.

"Two months is like, a solid 5% of her lifespan at this point. I think this qualifies as a long term relationship," cannedpeaches added.

"Currently dating an Ashley. Maybe I'll break up with her in a month or two. Ashleys need to be taken down a peg," japalian joked.

As it turns out, neither Kyle nor the user's little brother got to be young Ashley's "boyfriend" for long.

"Shoutout to my little brother for making this all possible," reasonable-doubt posted. "For those interested, Ashley moved away from the neighborhood leaving both he and kyle behind."