Man Fell From Sky: Photos Released by Police in Hope to Identify Victim

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Police have released these photos of a man who fell from a commercial airliner.

A photo of the man who fell from the sky has been released by police in the hope that someone will come forward and help to identify him.

The man, who is believed to have been a stowaway, reportedly fell from the under carriage of a commercial flight to Heathrow Airport in London in September. The man was reportedly found on the south bank of the River Thames at 8am on Sunday, Sept. 9.

Police have still been unable to identify the man, and no one has come forward to report someone with his description missing. So authorities have now decided to release two photos of the man hoping seeing the image will bring someone forward.

The man is believed to be of African origin, and be between 20 and 30 years old.

It was reported that the man's body dropped from the commercial jet plane's undercarriage as it opened when the plane came in to land at London's Heathrow Airport.

Local residents reported to police that they heard a massive bang as his body landed in the local area.

Experts have suggested that the man was already dead before he hit the ground; either by being crushed by the landing gear as it moved when the under carriage of the plane was opened, or due to the extreme cold temperatures through flying at such high altitudes.

A post-mortem report said that the cause of death was by multiple injuries.

A police spokesperson has said, "It is possible he was from Angola as he was found with Angolan currency in his possession and inquiries have established that a flight from Luanda, Angola was overhead prior to the body being found."

At the time of death the man was described as wearing jeans, a grey hoody sweatshirt, as well as white trainers. He also had a distinct tattoo of an emblem on his left arm with the letters "Z" and "G" still clearly visible following his tragic death.