Man Shoots Daughters: 8-Year-Old Calls 911 as Vietnam Vet Shoots 2 Daughters

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(Photo: Reuters/Carlo Allegri)A police crime scene.

A man has shot his two daughters before turning his firearm on himself on Memorial Day, according to reports.

The man, 63-year-old Anthony Alvarez, was reportedly a Vietnam veteran, who had even received a Purple Heart for his service. However, Alvarez shot his two daughters on Monday, with his 8 year old granddaughter calling 911 after she heard gunshots in the house.

Sergeant Chris Douglass with the Tulare County Sheriff's Department has said, "Our heart goes out to her, she had to take...take a brave step to do that in regards to what was happening in her home at the time," according to CBS News.

Alvarez lived with his two daughters and his three grandchildren in a small home in a residential part of Orosi, a town of about 9,000 people in California's Central Valley.

According to reports, a phone call was made to 911 at about 4.39 a.m. local time on Monday morning. A 911 operator received a call from the 8 year old granddaughter of Alvarez, who reported that there had been gunshots fired in her home.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the young girl's mother, 37 year old Jennifer Kimble, dead having been shot multiple times. Jennifer's sister, 33 year old Valerie Alvarez was also found shot, with at least one gunshot wound.

The young girl was found unharmed, along with her two elder brothers, who are aged 13 and 11 years old.

According to the Sheriff's Department, after shooting his two daughters, Alvarez turned the gun on himself, and was already dead when police arrived at the scene.

Valerie Alvarez was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition. Sergeant Chris Douglass with the Tulare County Sheriff's Department has said that she was stabilized by medical staff and taken into surgery.

The mother of the three children, Jennifer Kimble, tragically died from her wounds. Her husband had been at work at the time of the shootings.

Police are still investigating the incident and trying to find out what made the veteran snap.