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McDonald's Bagged Coffee to Go On Sale in US in 2014

McDonald's Bagged Coffee to Go On Sale in US in 2014

A cup of coffee is seen on a counter at a McDonald's restaurant in New York April 19, 2011. | (Reuters/Brendan McDermid)

McDonald's will soon be selling bagged coffee for customers to brew a McCoffee at home.

The huge fast food restaurant chain has confirmed that it will be testing sales of a variety of packaged ground and whole bean coffee in supermarkets and other retail outlets across the country starting next year.

The chain has also reported that the test will include single cup servings.

The company was quiet on other details and more information may be available closer to the launch of the initiative.

McDonald's has already begun selling McCafe packaged coffee in Canada last year. It appears those tests must have been satisfactory so they are not rolling out the tests into the USA on a wider scale.

The Canada McDonald's chains were selling bags of coffee weighing about 12 ounces for about $7.

According to The Associated Press, McDonald's will be partnering with Kraft Foods Group Inc. to distribute the coffee at various outlets across the country, although it is not yet clear how extensive the text will be next year.


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