Meagan Good Reveals Misconceptions About Her Marriage

Meagan Good is revealing some misconceptions that some people may have about her marriage to Hollywood executive and preacher DeVon Franklin.

"When DeVon and I got married, a lot of people felt that I just became Christian or I just found God when me and him got together. In actuality, it was quite reversed," Good recently revealed to EBONY magazine. "DeVon and I took an interest in each other because we shared the same beliefs and desires. That's kind of what started the conversation."

The 32-year-old actress married Franklin in June 2012. Although she has taken on sexy roles in various movies, Good spoke about her husband looking past her public image and rumors that stemmed from it.

"He didn't see what was written or what people thought or what was being said. He could really see straight through to my heart and read me like a book," she told EBONY. "I had never really experienced that before. In the past I had always experienced people thinking they know who you are, so I had this tough skin, and with him all of that came down."

While Good has been vocal about her faith lately, she insists that her Christianity came long before her marriage.

"It's been an interesting journey, because I think some people expect something different from me, and part of it is because they just found out I was a Christian. Part of it is because they feel that something should be very different because I'm married," Good told EBONY. "But I think that at the end of the day we have to be our authentic selves. Yes, I have changed in marriage, I've definitely grown and matured."

She added, "But the person he fell in love with is the person that I am and that I've always been."

Although the pair has publicly expressed their love for one another, Good recently admitted that she had some fears before exchanging vows.

"What I feared about marriage was that I would lose my identity and be controlled or suffocated or like a caged lion and what I found was the exact opposite," Good told Upscale magazine recently. "I'm way more empowered, more content, more confident and just freer across the board."