Mel Gibson On Trial of Cop for Anti-Semitic Comments

Anti-Semitic remarks actor Mel Gibson made in 2006 may have been the start to the downfall of his career. Now, a judge has ruled that the cop he made those remarks to will get to take the case to trial.

A judge ruled Thursday that James Mee would be allowed to argue his case against work place discrimination in front of a jury. The Jewish man claims that superior officers told him to remove Gibson's anti-Semitic remarks from a report. He then went on to charge that he was kept from a promotion because of the incident.

According to MSN news, the judge was not fully convinced by the case. “She dismissed his allegation Thursday that he was retaliated against and questioned whether he would be able to recoup any damages at trial,” MSN reported.

“While Mee complained to others in the department that Gibson's arrest was mishandled, it didn't appear he ever cited his religion as a cause for discrimination,” the judge said.

However the judge cited enough evidence for the case to process to a jury. “While I think it's thin, I think there are enough facts to create a question for the jury to decide," Scheper said during a Los Angeles hearing.

Media has reported that the discrimination was due to the superior officers conflicting faith. However Mee’s attorney, Yael Trock cited that the cause was due to Gibson’s celebrity status. "The issue is that the department mistreated Deputy Mee, who dared to arrest Mel Gibson and treated him like any other person."

After the incident, Gibson pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor drunken-driving charge and was sentenced to three years probation. He was also fined and sent to therapy classes. According to Gibson’s friend, the actor was not doing well at the time.

At a May 2007 progress hearing, Gibson was praised for his compliance with the terms of his probation and his extensive participation in a self-help program beyond what was required.

"It is my belief he felt that he had just absolutely failed as a human being. Mel was trying to invite death by cop. I don’t think this was about being anti-Semitic. I think he was trying to rile that guy into pulling out a gun and shooting him,” an anonymous source told Vanity Fair.