Metrico Wireless Survey: AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Tested for Dropped Calls

The demand for the iPhone 4S is in high gear this holiday season; however, the selection of what carrier to use will be less definite.

In a test of to see which service provider was the best when using the iPhone 4S, the winner comes down to preference.

To determine which carrier provided the best quality service, Metrico Wireless, a mobile device performance analytics firm, made 6,000 voice calls, conducted 8,000 data download and upload tests, and downloaded more than 21,000 web pages.

“The three carriers covered in the report – AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless – each led in different performance categories, ranging from call performance to voice quality to data and web, and the iPhone 4S proved to be a capable video device regardless of the network it was on,” said Metrico Wireless in a statement.

“The tests found that Verizon dropped calls 2.1 percent of the time, while AT&T dropped 2.8 percent of calls, and Sprint lost 3.7 percent of calls. The average dropped call rate for the entire mobile industry is 1.4 percent,” said Wired.

The tests demonstrated advantages of each carrier over the others, making it difficult to determine who was the best carrier for the iPhone 4S.

Although Sprint dropped the most calls, it had the highest call quality on the uplink, while AT&T had the best downlink call quality.

“With regard to maximum data speeds, AT&T led the pack at 6,047Kbps, with Verizon a distant second at 2,371Kbps, and Sprint crawling in last with only 1,767Kbps,” Wired said. “It’s unclear, however, exactly where Metrico tested data bandwidth, and as any iPhone-toting San Francisco resident will tell you, data quality can be terrible in areas with high concentrations of tech geeks.”

Consumers may want to view the Metro Wireless report before deciding which carrier to use with their iPhone 4S.