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Michele Bachmann Mixes Religion With Politics

Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Representative and Republican presidential nominee hopeful, said she thinks it’s about time a mother becomes U.S. president.

Bachmann also said religion has a place in politics, according to an interview with Christianity Today.

“I'm a woman, I'm a mother, and I think it's high time we have a mother in the White House. But I'm not running on being a mother,” Bachmann said, adding that being a female adds unique challenges in a presidential campaign.

The congresswoman said that though challenges for women – particularly Christian women – are different than those for other candidates, she has been able to do all that she’s wanted to do in life thus far.

“My number one job description for my whole life was to be a happy mother at home raising our children. I'm grateful to God and my husband that I had that privilege,” she said.

Bachmann talked about how her religious beliefs inform her political stances.

“We knew a couple at our church who had foster children, and we were challenged to ask ourselves, ‘Could we do that as well?’” Bachmann said. “We took our doubts to the Lord, went through the process and became licensed and opened our home.”

“Over the years, we've raised 28 children; we've been married 33 years and parents for 29, and we've just sent the last one off to college. These children will be our greatest legacy,” Bachmann said.

“All five of our biological children know the Lord, walk with the Lord, and we're very proud of them,” she added.

Bachmann said she wouldn’t judge President Barack Obama about his past associations with dubious pastors, but added that her own personal relationship with God motivates her and remains a constant part of her life.

“I am driven by a biblical worldview,” Bachmann said. “I believe in that creator, and I owe to him my life and everything about me. That core sense of conviction, that philosophy is important for all presidential candidates to lay on the table.”

Bachmann made headlines when she complained that the other GOP candidates were being given more airtime in debates and pleaded with the media to “let a woman speak.”

Bachmann trails in the polls and hopes to pull off an upset victory in the Iowa primaries.

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