Michelle Wie Purple Dress Makes Waves at US Open

Despite having suffered a loss at the U.S. Women's Golf Open Sunday, Michelle Wie has captured the media's attention by wearing a tight purple dress during the competition.

The 22-year-old golfer wore the color of royalty during the prestigious LPGA event in Koler, Wisconsin, turning the heads of her numerous fans.

On Twitter, both male and female golf fans commented on Wie's dress.

"If Michelle Wie decides to give up golf, she can always become a runway model," posted Stina. "She sure looks like one in that dress."

Beth posted, "Michelle Wie struggling today. She's over 5 on the day through 7 holes. On a happier note, her Nike dress is sweet. Have to be uber thin tho"

"Michelle Wie looking hot in purple at U.S. Open," wrote Twit.

Purple proved to be Wie's unlucky color though, as she started the final round in 13th place and slid to 35th by the end.

"It was one of the most frustrating rounds for me," said Wie to the Orlando Sentinel. She hit only nine greens in regulation and didn't record a birdie until no. 18.

"There are some things I need to work on, but at the same time this week was a definite confidence-booster for me," she revealed Sunday. "Being up there in contention kind of got my juices flowing and kind of made me want it more. I felt what it was like again."

Even with the weekend's disappointment, Wie took home a check for $18,653 in winnings: it was her largest of 2012 and nearly double the earnings this season.

Dubbed the female version of Tiger Woods, the golf prodigy had been expecting to be crowned Sunday's champion.

Alternately, at this year's Greenbrier Classic, Woods missed the cut by one stroke.

"I didn't quite have it," the golfer said Sunday, according to the L.A. Times. "I drove it really good today and I just did not have the feel for the distances. The ball was just going forever. I know we're at altitude, but I just couldn't get the ball hit pin high no matter what I did, and subsequently, I made some bogeys."