Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown: First Player to Reach 30HR and 90RBI Before All-Star Break

Could he also be the first player to win two straight Triple Crowns?

Detroit Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera may very well be the best hitter on the planet, and last night he did something no other ballplayer in almost 150 years of the game's existence did before: hit 30 homeruns and reach 90 RBI's before the All-Star break.

To be exact, he is currently at 30 homeruns and 94 RBI's, not to mention 71 runs scored and a 366 batting average. Cabrera might be on his way to winning his second MVP and Triple Crown in a row.

Speaking of Triple Crowns, no ballplayer had won since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. Only two players have won it twice, Rogers Hornsby in in 1922 and 1925, and Ted Williams 1942 and 1947, but no one back to back.

A Triple Crown is when a batter leads the MLB in homeruns, RBI's, and batting average.

Not only is Cabrera hitting at an alarming rate, but his projected numbers could shatter what he did last year. Last year his numbers were, 330, 44, 139, and this year he's on pace for 366, 55, 175.

Another special milestone for the third basemen is reaching 100 RBI's by the All-Star break, a feat done by two players, Juan Gonzalez in 1998, and Hank Greenberg in 1935.

Surprisingly this is the 30-year-old's first time being elected as a starter in the All-Star. He was always the reserve behind some pretty good company. As a young outfielder for the Florida Marlins, he sat behind Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey JR., Sammy Sosa, Carlos Beltran, Jim Edmonds, and Bobby Abreu. Twice as a third basemen, he was behind David Wright, and once behind Adrian Beltre. As a first basemen, he was stuck behind Justin Morneau and Adrian Gonzalez.

Also important to note that the Baltimore Orioles third/first basemen is on his way to 30 and 90 before the break as he currently is sitting on 86 RBI's. Davis is also is the only thing in Cabrera's way in terms of homeruns. The Baltimore slugger has 34.