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Miley Cyrus Birthday Features Unicorn and Tattoo Removal?

Miley Cyrus Birthday Features Unicorn and Tattoo Removal?

Teen star Miley Cyrus celebrated her birthday Wednesday night in true Hollywood fashion and lived out one of her fantasies by getting her team to bring a live “unicorn.”

A source that attended the party shared with E! News that there was indeed a unicorn present at the party in the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. The animal was simply a horse with a horn on its head, but Cyrus, 19, was excited enough to go on Twitter during the event and share with fans her happiness. The young actress revealed that the unicorn was waiting for her in the lobby.

Liam Hemsworth, her boyfriend, was also present at the celebration, and so was her mother, according to the Vancouver Sun. The party lasted until 3 a.m. and included a full night of “dancing up a storm and having fun,” a source shared with US magazine.

Cyrus is getting older and moving on from her “Hannah Montana” show on the Disney channel, and she is tattooing her body with various images, including a “dream catcher” on her ribs, an anchor on her wrist, and the word “love” on her ear.

Just Jared Jr. shared that Cryus has nine tattoos in total, but she is recently thinking of removing some of them. She reportedly has already paid a visit to a laser-removal specialist.

Apparently, the actress visited the office on Tuesday in Los Angeles, a day before her birthday. It was not revealed which of her tattoos she may remove first, but recent media questions over her gain in weight might have prompted her to consider her body image more.


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