Millburn NJ Beating Suspect Convicted of Previous Home Invasion (Nanny Cam Beating Video)

The Millburn NJ beating suspect who was arrested last week has been convicted of a similar home invasion crime in the past, according to reports this week.

The so-called nanny cam beating suspect, Shawn Custis, 42, has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder, robbery, burglary and child endangerment. However, Custis has been convicted of a similar attack in the past.

This video screen capture shows a man brutally beating a woman in front of her daughter in a New Jersey home invasion that has terrified locals. Authorities are hunting the attacker who was caught on the baby cam in the room.

According to, Custis was convicted 22 years ago after a Delran, Burlington County attack. In that incident Custis was reportedly searching upstairs for jewelry when a young woman and her child returned home. Custis attacked them and pushed both the woman and the child down a flight of stairs.

It is alleged that while Custis was searching for jewelry he heard the homeowners come in downstairs, so he hid in a closet. Soon after he jumped out and attacked the young mother and her 18-month-old daughter.

In the ensuing violence Custis is alleged to have pushed the woman onto a bed, punching her repeatedly, according to police reports. The woman eventually broke free and tried to grab her child, but Custis grabbed her by the hair and threw her and her child down the stairs. He then ran off, escaping in the woman's car.

Custis has now also been arrested in the so-called "nanny cam beating" case in New Jersey, but has pleaded not guilty to beating and robbing a young mother of two during a home invasion caught on a nanny cam.

Shawn Custis, 42, confirmed to the court this week that understands the attempted murder, robbery and child endangerment charges against him. Custis then pleaded not guilty to Newark Superior Court Judge Peter Vazquez.

During the hearing Custis had his hands cuffed in front of him and he kept his eyes down, fixed on the floor throughout.

The judge in the hearing later set his bail at $750,000 and ordered him not to contact the victim.

Public recordings show that Custis has a dozen prior felony convictions and was only just released in December after being imprisoned for a short while for four separate burglaries.

Custis was arrested in Manhattan last Friday after his alleged attack on a mother, who was at home with her two children, was caught on camera.

The shocking video that has gone viral, shows a mother of two being severely and brutally beaten by an attacker in her home.

The horrific attack took place in Millburn, New Jersey, and was caught on a nanny cam in the woman's living room.

This man is being hunted by authorities for the disturbing and brutal attack on a woman in New Jersey, which took place in front of the woman's young daughter.

In the disturbing video, the woman is seen watching cartoons with her young daughter. She then gets up after hearing a noise coming from the other room. However, suddenly an intruder barges into the living room and throws her to the ground and starts punching her repeatedly in the face.

The young girl remains frozen on the sofa as the horrific attack unfolds, only moving initially to cover her face with a pillow.

The mother can be seen trying to get up, but the man continues to kick, choke and punch her.

The attacker then drags the woman across the floor and opens a side door, throwing the mother down the stairs to a basement area. He then walks around the house calmly looking to jewelry, ignoring the terrified young girl.

The woman was also thrown down the basement stairs, which knocked her unconscious. She was only able to call police for help after she woke up. The unnamed woman suffered a concussion, bruises, and chipped teeth. She also required stitches for the cuts around her mouth.

Police are protecting the identity of the woman and her children and have not released their names.

Custis was transferred to an undisclosed location in New Jersey after his arrest, according to county chief of detectives Anthony Ambrose. He is facing charges of attempted murder, robbery, burglary, and child endangerment.

The video has shocked the nation, prompting public groups and private individuals to offer a $20,000 reward for the information leading to the attacker's arrest.

The footage was aired on national television in an appeal to find the man.

Here is a video news report into the brutal attack: