Millennial Outreach Promotes 'More Purposeful' Christmas

The Millennial generation is being encouraged to be "a little more purposeful" this Christmas.

Rising Voice, an outreach to young adults who want to help transform the culture, has launched a Christmas campaign that leads consumers to "socially responsible" stores – namely retailers that donate part of their profits to charitable causes or sell items made by vulnerable people.

One of the companies being promoted by Rising Voice is Yobel Market, based in Colorado Springs, which sells handcrafted products utilizing micro-financing and fair trade principles.

"Twenty-somethings want to help others in tangible ways," Dawn McBane, who heads up Rising Voice, said in a statement. "That's why this year's Christmas campaign highlights ways people can live out the true meaning of the season: giving hope to others and loving our neighbor."

Rising Voice is an initiative of Focus on the Family, a prominent evangelical Christian organization that reaches more than 220 million people around the world.

Throughout the year, the young adult-led initiative educates peers about poverty, sex trafficking, the environment and other social issues and equips them to live out their Bible-based faith by helping others in a tangible way.

It also provides a community for twenty-somethings who share the passion to love their neighbor.

"We believe that human life, at every stage, is sacred and valuable – and we have a God-given duty to nurture, protect and defend it," Rising Voice says in its purpose statement.

"That's why we want to make sure our commitment to loving others goes beyond talk. While dialoguing about the issues that matter is certainly important, for change to occur, we ultimately must be driven to action. True love demands that people get educated, connect with others who care and get involved."

As part of its Christmas campaign, Rising Voice has partnered with Children's Hope Chest to help raise $10,000 to protect girls in Russia from being kidnapped into the sex slave trade.

"We have the opportunity to preserve the innocence and human dignity of a child in need through a simple monetary donation," McBane commented. "I can think of no better gift to give this Christmas season."

Though Rising Voice is a millennial outreach, McBane encourages people of all ages to take part in the Christmas campaign.

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