'Minecraft' Update Aquatic News: Water Features Coming; Graphics Pack Delayed

"Minecraft" just wrapped up its 2017 MINECON Earth event on Saturday, Nov. 18, and the announcements are up online on Minecraft.net for everyone to see. The Aquatic Update, one of the biggest this year for the game, was only slightly blunted by the delay of the "Super Duper Graphics" pack.

All the MINECON Earth reveals were neatly summed up on their website, and except for the unfortunate delay with the graphics update, it was everything "Minecraft" fans could have asked and more.

Mojang/Microsoft Studios"Minecraft" takes to under the sea with their MINECON Earth update.

The oceans and seas of "Minecraft" will never be the same again after the "Update Aquatic," one of the biggest content dumps the game would see this year. This update adds not just new creatures, objects and areas, it also adds new water physics as well. Players can expect to see fish, of course, but also dolphins, shipwrecks, corals, underwater plants and more.

The Update Aquatic also introduces a handy new weapon for self-defense while underwater. The trident can be swung or thrown against enemies, and can even be enchanted to have interesting effects as well. There's no definite date for the Update Aquatic as of this time, other than that it " will come to Minecraft in a future update."

Now for the bad news — the "Super Duper Graphics" pack, which was originally slated for this year, will be delayed to 2018 instead. The "Minecraft" team still has a lot of work to do for it, and there's no definite release date for this one either.

The update, which was supposed to come as an optional downloadable add-on, was intended to add "visual razzmatazz" for console and mobile players to bring their graphics up to par with their PC counterparts, as PC Mag notes.

The Nintendo Switch version of "Minecraft" that allows cross-platform multiplayer is likewise delayed to next year, as well. "Nintendo has been a great partner and we're really excited to fully bring Switch players into the fold, however, we need to make sure we deliver the best experience possible," Tom Stone explained in Minecraft's blog update.