Minecraft Launch Announcement Delayed Due to Bug Fixes

Youtube Screencap/FileMinecraft Xbox One Edition YouTube Screencap

Previous rumors about the release date of Minecraft for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions suggested that it will happen this August. However, ongoing bug fixes are still keeping the developers from officially announcing the game.

4J Studios, the game developer company, took to their social media to make a statement.

"We're still fixing #MinecraftXbox1, #MinecraftPS4 and #MinecraftPSVita bugs. We'll let you know when we hand over to the Cert testing teams!" they stated.

Other rumors circulated that the game wouldn't be released until late in September.

By that time, it was said that there will be additional server options available to Minecraft Xbox One edition, Daniel Kaplan of Mojang told OXM.

Game handlers could also gain access to the Xbox Live cloud through Microsoft's Azure servers, enabling the players to save their files online.

4J posted a tweet saying they had halted their development projects for the Xbox 360 version to give way for the newer console versions.

There are supposed to be exciting updates coming to the Xbox One version like bigger worlds and the capacity to support eight players, with more players possible in the future, according to the Latin Post.

Worlds that players created in 360 and the skins they purchased for it can be imported to Xbox One.

Minecraft players in Xbox 360 can also enjoy a discounted price of $4.99 if they buy the Xbox One edition, which is reported to cost $19.99.

For those who are not yet acquainted to the popular game, Minecraft basically involves building a world using only 3D blocks. In-game activities include crafting, exploration, resource gathering and combat.