Minnesota Vikings Ditch Donovan McNabb

The Minnesota Vikings have officially released quarterback Donovan McNabb.

While the bulk of McNabb’s NFL career has been in the 11 seasons he played with the Philadelphia Eagles, the past few years have been seemingly less consistent.

After the Eagles traded McNabb to the Washington Redskins in 2010 he reportedly didn’t get along too well with Redskin coach Mike Shanahan, according to the Washington Post.

Fox News reported that after the NFL lockout in August the Redskins traded McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings, where soon after, the seasoned quarterback requested a release from the team.

Although Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier doesn’t seem too upset with Donovan’s decision and even manages to speak quite highly of him.

"This was the best decision for both parties," Frazier told reporters. "He was a great player and has been a great player for our league for a long, long time. Have a lot of affection and love for Donovan."

"When you have a guy who has been this successful in this league, he has an idea how he wants his career to continue or not to continue," Frazier said to reporters. "That played a role in making that decision."

Now that McNabb is released he’ll have to wait out the waiver process from what Fox Sports reports. If a new team chooses to claim him, there is a remaining $1.49 million left to be paid on his $5.05 million contract.

Minnesota, however, will have to pay out the rest of the contract in the event no one claims him.

When McNabb was asked to reflect about his emotions through the whole experience during an interview with SportsCenter he said "joy, and I say that with a smile on my face, because all the drama is over."