'Miraculously' Recovered Gabby Giffords Interview Beats Jerry Sandusky Interview

The interview with former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in January, seems to be a more popular human interest story than that of alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky.

Diane Sawyer's interview with Giffords, which aired on ABC Monday, prompted many commenters on Twitter to switch the channel from a phone interview with Jerry Sandusky on NBC's "Rock Center with Brian Williams" Monday, which aired at the same time, USA Today reported.

Sandusky said in the Monday interview that he is innocent, that he is not a pedophile and that he only "horsed around with kids," in what is a much-publicized alleged pedophilia investigation at Penn State University.

The former defensive coordinator for the university's football team admitted that he should have not showered with the kids, but stated he does not feel sexually attracted to young boys. The case has grabbed the public's attention, yet apparently not as much as the inspiring story of Giffords' heroic recovery.

"NBC has interview w/Jerry Sandusky same time as ABC has one with Gabby Giffords. In one time slot, the whole spectrum of human character," one of the many enthusiastic tweets on the subject read.

On Jan. 8, 2011, Giffords was shot in the head outside a Safeway grocery store in Casas Adobes, Ariz., a suburban area northwest of Tucson, during her first "Congress on Your Corner" gathering of the year. Jared Loughner, the 23-year-old gunman, went on a shooting rampage that killed 6 people and left 19 others wounded. He was diagnosed as having serious mental problems.

The Monday interview showed Giffords as still having difficulty forming complete sentences or holding detailed conversations. ABC has also released video materials shot by Giffords' husband, Mark, a retired astronaut, showing the former congresswoman's recovery. Images of the adult politician struggling to speak again and perform basic actions have evoked a flood of compassionate tweets and comments throughout the social network.

"Incredibly inspiring Gabby Giffords interview last night on 20-20. Hope is stronger than fear," one commenter tweeted.

ESPN broadcaster and "Good Morning America" correspondent Erin Andrews tweeted: "This Gabby Giffords piece is remarkable..never been so inspired by someone's strength & true love for her husband..haven't stopped crying."

The congresswoman's Facebook page was also one of the main platforms that gave room for well-wishers to express their warm feelings.

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