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Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Latest News: Parents Refuse Police Interview, Fire Attorney?

Kansas City Investigators Want to Re-Interview Little Girl's Older Brothers

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Latest News: Parents Refuse Police Interview, Fire Attorney?

The parents of 11-month-old Lisa Irwin have asked Kansas City, Mo., police officers investigating the little girl's case to postpone interviews with their young sons, who were home the night Lisa went missing.

In addition, the lead attorney representing Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, Lisa's parents, is now handling the case solo. Cyndy Short, a family lawyer who had also been working with Bradley and Irwin, is no longer involved in the case, according to Fox News. It was not immediately clear if Short had been fired or simply withdrew from the case. High-profile attorney, Joe Tacopina is now the lead lawyer representing Bradley and Irwin.

Investigators had requested to re-interview the Kansas City couple's sons, ages 6 and 8, to ask follow-up questions and to get DNA samples to rule out identified DNA samples previously collected from the family's home, according to a local Fox News affiliate.

The interview was to take place Friday and it was unclear if the attorneys or perhaps the boys' parents requested that the interview be postponed.

Kansas City police Capt. Steve Young said the boys' interview would have been conducted by a child services specialist without a police officer in the room, reports CNN.

Young noted that the interview would not be an "interrogation" because the boys "are kids, after all."

The youths, whose names have not been revealed, are Lisa's half-brothers, and are reportedly from the parents' previous marriages. The pair were originally interviewed the night the baby girl disappeared, both for under an hour, according to CNN.

Baby Lisa went missing on Oct. 4, and since then the police have scoured the home, surrounding areas and even a lake for clues to the little girl's whereabouts.

No viable suspects have been identified, and the police have been working under the assumption that Lisa's case is that of a missing person, and not that of a murder victim.


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