Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: New Attorney Could Stop Brothers From Talking to Police

New York Attorney Joe Tacopina has announced that Kansas City attorney John Picerno will be replacing dismissed attorney Cyndy Short.

According to The Kansas City Star, Picerno is known for his unwillingness to allow his clients to speak to the police.

Mark Morris of The Kansas City Star recently conducted an interview with Picerno, in which they discussed the attorney's opinion on whether clients should be allowed to grant interviews to police.

"My own view is that my clients should never talk to police. I tell them, 'The prisons are full of people who talked to the police. The police are going to do what they are going to do, with or without your cooperation and your statement,' " Picerno said.

This will be unwelcome news to Kansas City police, who have been requesting interviews with Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, the parents of 11-month-old Lisa Irwin, separately.

"We need them to sit down apart from each other, with detectives, and answer the tough questions detectives have for them concerning what they may or may not know about anything, who came and went [the night Lisa disappeared], there's a whole list of things that they may know," Kansas City police Capt. Steve Young told ABCNews.com.

Police have been also eager to meet with the half-brothers of Baby Lisa, ages 6 and 8, who were in the house the night their sister went missing, which, according to the Kansas City, Mo., girl's parents, was between the evening hours of Oct. 3 and early morning hours of Oct. 4.

Police had met with the boys briefly on Oct. 4, but said they have not had access to the boys since that fateful night.

On Friday, Tacopena, on behalf of the family, was granted a delay by police to question the siblings. The meeting is reported to have been scheduled for a later date.

If new attorney Picerno's philosophy is any guide, these meetings might never take place.