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Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Attorney Forced From Case Due to Lack of 'Team Work'

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Attorney Forced From Case Due to Lack of 'Team Work'

Kansas City attorney Cyndy Short, who was forced off the Lisa Irwin case, blamed her departure on disagreements with New York attorney Joe Tacopenamin a press conference Monday.

Short, the local area attorney who has been representing the family for the last 11 days, vowed to continue the search for baby Lisa, who was reported missing from her Kansas City home on Oct. 4.

Since the announcement that she was forced from the defense team, there had been speculation that Short's departure might have been due to friction with high-profile attorney Tacopena.

"Mr. Tacopena and I were not able to work as a team," said short. She then added, "Our goals and our approach were so different that one of us had to go and that someone is me."

Short said tersely, "I'm no longer the family's public voice."

Speaking on behalf of the local community, the attorney offered a note of prayer, "Our community of Kansas City is praying we have a happy ending."

Short, who has been criticizing the manner in which police have been conducting their investigation in the home of Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, the parents of the missing child, complimented the couple for being good parents.

"From everything I've seen over the last 12 days, I know that Deborah and Jeremy are a loving couple." The attorney added, "Because I believe so strongly in their innocence, we will continue to work for them."

Short’s comment of believing in the innocence of Bradley and Irwin indicate to some observers that members of the defense team have been working under the assumption that their clients might be charged in the case.

"Now that I have embraced this family, and embraced this child, I cannot just walk away," Short said.

Kansas City police has reported that they have investigated 934 of the 1,059 tips that have surfaced, but still have not arrived at a solid lead. Reportedly, hundreds of investigators have combed wooded and other areas but so far the efforts have failed to produce any tangible evidence. A $100,000 reward has been offered for any information that leads police to the little girl.


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