Missing Bain Family Search Continues, Surveillance Found of Adam Mayes

The search for two missing girls in Mississippi continued Wednesday as police quartered off nearby forestlands. New video footage has also revealed that the man suspected of kidnapping the girls, may still be in the area.

Police from Tennessee and Mississippi are working together in an effort to search forests for Adam Mayes, 35, who is a suspected in a double homicide kidnapping case. The bodies of Jo Ann Bain and her eldest daughter were discovered buried in the back yard of Mayes' Mississippi mobile home last week. Yesterday Mayes' wife and mother were arrested and charged.

Bain's two youngest daughters aged 12 and eight-years-old, both remain missing and are presumed to be with Mayes. Officials have revealed that they have reason to hope that the two girls are still alive although they have given no cause. Details regarding the case have been limited for fear that the information may further threaten the lives of the two missing victims.

When questioned about the disappearance of Jo Ann, Mayes admitted to officials they he may have been the last person to see the 31-year-old alive. Bodies of the mother and older daughter were found buried after neighbors reported hearing Mayes digging in his back yard. Both bodies suffered from serious injury which has officials concerned that the younger girls may also be facing abuse.

Surveillance tapes provided by County Line One Market in Guntown, Miss. and released by officials Tuesday revealed that Mayes might still be in the area. The video depicts Mayes purchasing a soda days after he had reportedly fled. Mayes appeared to have altered his appearance by cutting his hair and officials believe that the suspect may also have cut the hair of both young girls.

Mayes had purportedly been a family friend who was staying at the Bain's house in Tennessee. Teresa Mayes, the suspect's wife, was charged Tuesday with aggravated kidnapping.

Mayes' mother Mary Mayes, 65 was also charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping.