Mother Arrested for Gagging Infant Son With Sock, Hiding Him Face Down in Closet - Baby Saved By Father

An Indiana mother suffering from bipolar disorder is seeking medical treatment after attempting to murder her infant son by suffocating him with a sock and laying him face down in a closet.

Sasha Hunt, a 22-year-old of Berne, Indiana, was arrested after an Oct. 13 incident when she reportedly bound her three-month old son's hands with duct tape and put a sock in a mouth to gag him, holding the sock in place with duct tape. She then laid the infant face down in the closet on top of a pillow, reportedly with the intent that he would suffocate.

Luckily, the woman's husband, Nathan, had just come back from running a quick errand when he heard muffled cries coming from somewhere inside the house. Although Sasha tried to stop him, Nathan was successful in finding the infant boy and removing his gag before he lost consciousness. The father told police he initially thought the sound was coming from his one-year-old daughter's room, but ultimately discovered their infant boy in the closet.

Nathan told police that after he discovered his son, Sasha told him "that's not me" and that "what she had done scared her and she just lost control." Sasha is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was previously taking medication to subdue it, but went off the medication while pregnant.

The two visited the Behavior Health department at Adams Memorial Hospital nearby shortly after the incident, and then went to the police to report the crime. Sasha was charged with attempted murder, a class A felony, and neglect of a dependent, a class C felony. Nathan reportedly told police that this is not the first time his wife has acted violently toward him or his children; she has previously kicked holes in the wall, attacked her husband, and handled her children roughly, reportedly one time saying she wished the youngest had never been born.

According to the News Sentinel, Sasha even took one of her prescribed pills for bipolar disorder and crushed it up, putting it in her husband's drink and telling him he was too boring and she thought the medication would liven him up. Sasha is now seeking medical care and is reportedly seeing a doctor regarding her bipolar disorder.