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'Mr. Robot' Season 2 release date rumored to be June/July 2016. What's next for 'Mr. Robot?'

'Mr. Robot' Season 2 release date rumored to be June/July 2016. What's next for 'Mr. Robot?'

"Mr. Robot" Season 2 will probably return to USA Network either late June or July 2016. The TV show that got critical acclaim and positive ratings will most surely continue to create surprise in the second season too.

Mr. Robot Facebook image. July 1, 2015. | Mr. Robot/Facebook

The first season finale of "Mr. Robot" brought almost all the main characters to a point where the storyline could take them anywhere. Elliot's future in Season 2 will be the main story. How will he mentally cope with the fact that 'fsociety' has become famous and they have achieved the goal of bringing Evil Corp down?

Throughout Season 1, Elliot has dealt with "Mr. Robot," played by Christian Slater, and has been mentally bruised. In the episode's final scene, Elliot returns home and is alone when there's a knock at the door. The closing credits show the mysterious character White Rose, played by BD Wong, enjoying a lavish party and meeting one of Evil Corp's top men.

By the time the first season has ended, viewers know the startling truth that "Mr. Robot" does not exist. He exists only in Elliot's world, inside his head. So now what will happen to the character of "Mr. Robot"? Will viewers see him or a similar character in season 2?

Creator and showrunner Sam Esmail, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, said, "It's freeing because now Elliot is aware that Mr. Robot is this alter ego that he has to deal with. So it actually takes more of like a Jekyll and Hyde trajectory because now the audience is in on it, as well as Elliot, and now we're going to basically go into that realm. But the story is really about the relationship that he has with his dead father, and how he could never reconcile the pain that caused him? How is he reconciling now as an adult male? Especially in the way that it's manifesting itself."

The challenge now for Sam Esmail is to develop Season 2 in such a way that it builds upon the unexpected and incredible story of Season 1. Expectations from fans for the next season are very high and till that time, we will keep bringing readers all the news and updates for "Mr. Robot" Season 2.


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