MTV Movie Awards 2012 Winners: Kristen Stewart Left to Kiss Self as Robert Pattinson a No Show

Kristen Steward didn't quite get her wish come true on Sunday night, and not because she lost but rather because she won once again, "Best Kiss" with Robert Pattinson on the MTV Movie Awards 2012.

"Twilight" has managed to steal every "Best Kiss" award that it has been nominated for during its reign at the MTV Movie awards. Stewart however, had previously confessed that she hoped the popularity the "Hunger Games" had garnished would steal the title away.

"For the past few years, it was the 'Twilight' show, and it was bizarre. This year's going to be fun. It's going to be like, 'Please, God, something different'," she told MTV UK while promoting another movie. "I would love to see how someone else deals with it, to be honest. If we didn't win, I'd actually be kind of stoked to see how it all goes down, how they handle it."

For a long term title holder however, Stewart didn't seem to handle the news that she had secured the award with Pattinson very well. It was the fourth time that the Twilight Saga has been elected, but this time Stewart was forced to take the stage alone to accept the Best Kiss award, as Pattinson couldn't make it to the show this year.

An awkward Stewart attempted to gain support by asking her new "huntsmen" which she has aquired in her soon to be released film, to come on stage. She also asked Charlize Theron and fellow "Twilight" actor Taylor Lautner to come up and save her. Unfortunately for Stewart, no one arrived on stage to rescue her from her awkward moment.

She proceeded by turning around and planting a fake kiss on herself before offering a quick thanks and walking off stage.