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Music Producer Timbaland Apologizes to Jay Z; Says 'God Did a Lot of Work on Me'

Music Producer Timbaland Apologizes to Jay Z; Says 'God Did a Lot of Work on Me'

Famed music producer Timbaland, known for being at the top of the music world a few years ago for his collaborations with Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and others, recently revealed that he apologized to rapper Jay Z for their falling out, which ended after God changed him.

"I'm very religious so I'm gonna put it in this terms, God done work on me," said Timbaland, whose real name is Timothy Mosley, reports The New York Times. "That's the best way I can put it. God did a lot of work on me, and when I looked in the mirror I saw a different person. I did some changing, and the first person I apologized to was Jay."

According to an interview with Revolt TV, Jay Z said their music and personal relationship became strained after his "Blueprint 3" album was released in 2009.

"The fall out happened after that album. A couple songs were getting leaked and that whole thing ruined the whole process," said Jay Z. "Kanye, who was the executive producer of Blueprint 3 said, 'let's bring Tim' and we were all inviting to him and he just wasn't accepting of that process."

At the time, Mosely repeatedly turned down recording sessions for the album.  However, the tracks that he did work on got leaked, which Jay Z did not take well as he is known for being meticulous about his music's release.

"It was over petty stuff, disagreements. It wasn't industry related, it was personal and I was wrong," admitted Mosley to Revolt TV.

Now, he admits insecurity played a part in his actions that led to the fall out with the rap mogul and adds that he regrets that period of his life.

"I was feeling myself a little too much," said Mosley, to the Times. "When you from the streets, you just don't want to get close to people. You're in a different world that you just aren't used to. Like, 'I'm cool, get away from me.' "

As part of his apology, Mosely also recorded a song titled 'Sorry' featuring singer Keri Hilson, directed towards Jay Z in which he asks him for forgiveness. After the song's release, which came along with a new "mature and grown" Mosley, as Jay Z puts it, the two ended their feud.

Now, they are both amicable and Mosley is back collaborating with Jay Z as he recently did on the rapper's latest "Magna Carta Holy Grail" album.

For Mosley, a second wave of high profile recognition has come after staying under the radar for a few years following the sky-rocketing success of chart-topping tracks with A-list artists. For a while he went from working with everyone to no one.

Mosley, who started his career by making music in his parents' home as a teenager in Norfolk, Va., appeared on tabloids from time to time during his musical hiatus, and at one point in 2010, reports surfaced that he was undergoing personal financial hardships.  

His current work with Jay Z and Justin Timberlake on his new album "The 20/20 Experience" has earned Mosely his celebrity status back.  However, he is also dabbling into other business ventures after many years of making his fortune solely through music.

He has now joined Jay Z's management company, Roc Nation, as a client, which he hopes will help his brand expand through partnerships with technology companies, according to the Times.

"I'm too great, and I'm not capturing all my greatness," said Mosely. "I'm holding myself back."


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