Muslim Brotherhood Wants to Establish a 'Fascist State' in Egypt, Says Expert

Egyptian constitutional expert Mohamed Nour Farahat is certain that the "[Muslim] Brotherhood wants to turn the country into a fascist state dominated by demagoguery with a religious mask."

He added that they wanted to dominate the judiciary and make it loyal to the Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau.

"This judiciary was releasing the members of the Muslim Brotherhood when Mubarak's regime was imprisoning them under the emergency law," Farahat posted on his Facebook page. "It ruled to dissolve the formerly ruling National Democratic Party and local councils. It also ruled the unconstitutionality of many laws contradictory with freedoms."

"The judiciary is not the problem of the Muslim Brotherhood, rather it is the principle of legitimacy itself. Since the assassination of Egyptian Judge Khazendar, they do not want to commit to the laws transcending their will, yet the independent judiciary implements them," he added.

Farahat added that there are plans to remove elders in the Egyptian judiciary, those over 60 years of age, in order to make room for the Muslim Brotherhood to place judicial officials sympathetic to their cause.

"Such a step could open the door for transforming the judiciary into a loyal institution to the MB's Guidance Bureau and to undermine the independence of Egypt's judiciary," he claimed.

"The objective of the Muslim Brotherhood to dominate the judiciary was the same objective adopted by the ruling regime in 1960s, which attempted to ensure the loyalty of the judiciary to the ruling regime, but the current plan will fail," he explained. "Egypt's judiciary is not free from defects, while the Muslim Brotherhood themselves need to be cleansed."