Naomi Watts Hopes Princes 'Are OK' With Upcoming Diana Film

Naomi Watts has been filming pivotal scenes in the life of the late Princess Diana, and the actress has revealed that she was hesitant to take on the role, especially given her popularity. Watts has also said that she hopes Prince William and Prince Harry "are ok" with her decision and the film itself.

"I was afraid of the comparison that comes with playing any iconic figure – and because of her memory – we're fond of her memory," Watts was quoted by Daily Mail. "And the way she died … Is it going to open it all up again? We're certainly not trying to upset the boys, though they're men now. I hope they're ok with it."

It's been 15 years since Diana was killed in a high-speed car crash in Paris. The princess' funeral was like nothing the royal family had ever done before, with people calling out for a public funeral to pay tribute to "the people's princess."

Everyone who watched the funeral saw a pair of young boys, William and Harry, follow their mother's coffin as it made the long journey to Westminster Abbey. The princes have since held a concert in their mother's honor and have taken on the responsibilities she once held with certain charities.

Watts has been watched intensely as she steps into "an interpretation" of Diana's life but said she felt the film "is a piece of history." She acknowledged that she has not tried to personally transform into Diana but rather provide "an interpretation" of her, which allowed her more freedom and still pay tribute to Diana.

"It's an interpretation. To do the 'mimicry thing' would be absurd. She was a remarkable woman. She was complicated, strong, intelligent and vulnerable. The film is our interpretation of the truth, based on a lot of research," Watts added.

"We're not here for sensationalism or titillation," promised producer Robert Bernstein. "We're here to tell a love story."