National Chocolate Chip Day is a Scam: Why Foodie Holidays Don't Exist

Today marks National Chocolate Chip Day! Another food holiday is here, just when it seemed feasible to get back on track with that diet. Seems like every day now is a food holiday. Want to know why?

Today is National Chocolate Chip day, of course everyone knew that, and sites all over the Internet are promoting recipes with ingredients that kill- literally. It seems really that every day is some sort of holiday celebrating some strange thing and many of them have to do with food.

How is this even possible?

Guess how many food holidays are in May alone? According to State Symbol USA, 23 food holidays are celebrated in May. That may be great news for some, that's the equivalent to having 23 different excuses for eating much loved foods and skipping another day of that troublesome diet this month. For others it seems a little bit ridiculous, and May isn't even the most populated day.

According to the website, August has another 28 food days, one of which is National Chocolate Chip day again! April, a month with only 30 days, has 31 National food days.

Another guess, how many health holidays are on the list? According to the website, three health holidays for the entire year.

Turns out, there is actually no such thing as a "National Holiday" for treats. Sorry foodies.

"Congress has the power to designate federal holidays- when federal institutions, like the Post Office, close- but these only apply to states if they choose to adopt them. (The 10th Amendment reserves the right of creating holidays for the states)," the Bon Apetit blog points out. These are called federal holidays and typically mean that government workers get the day off.

While presidents also hold the power to proclaim holidays, it is done rarely and few concern food-except for for President Reagan, who proclaimed June 25, 1987 National Catfish Day.

So where do all of the other celebrated days come from?

Unfortunately, most days are made by a commercial enterprise that may offer some a reason to smile, but mostly offer companies a reason to sell more goods. To that effect, the government has stated that more than one third of U.S. adults are obese.