Netflix to Produce 'Arrested Development'

Netflix brings Arrested Development back from cancellation to get back on good terms with subscribers

Netflix brings "Arrested Development" back from cancellation in an attempt to finally get back on good terms with its subscribers.

The beloved show was canceled but due to recent developments it’s coming back. Some Arrested Development producers stuck a deal with some Twentieth Century Fox executives to produce the show solely for Netflix.

 This is the first time in television history that a show will be exclusively produced for the internet. Great news for myriad Arrested Development fans but it still begs a question shareholders and subscribers may ask alike: “Will the Bluth family be strong enough to put it back on good terms with everyone else?”

The streaming internet giant may have brought some good news with the recent developments of the show to its subscribers for the first time in months. From the outrageous 60 percent price increase in July, to the announcement it was splitting into two different companies to manage its DVD service the following month, Netflix has lost well over 800,000 subscribers.

Just three weeks later the company pulled out of the DVD spinoff and resumed business as usual. Almost usual that it is, since the price hike remains 60 percent higher and the DVD service is no longer included with streaming customers are still pretty upset.

What is was more frustrating to users is that Netflix hasn’t made an aggressive effort to include more streaming titles. In fact it’s even pulled several titles from its selection.

This has been a surprisingly uncomfortable experience for Netflix subscribers that are accustomed to the user friendly nature of the service. For years Chief executive Reed Hastings has been know as being “one of the tech sector’s most consumer friendly CEOs,” CNET states.

Although the prospect of bringing Arrested Development back might just be a good step in the right direction.