Nevada Plane Crash Claims 11th Victim, Did Reno Pilot Pass Out Before Smash?

As the 11th victim of the plane crash in Reno died on Monday, various theories about the circumstances of the tragic plane crash in Nevada are emerging.

One of the possible scenarios is the plane's pilot, Jimmy Leeward, who died in the crash, lost consciousness from excessive gravitational forces when he pitched up in the plane during the show, right before falling down, the Wall Street Journal has suggested.

So far, it has been widely believed that Leeward saved many lives by steering the plane as far away from the crowd as he could before the impact.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is investigating the crash, has denied the Wall St Journal reports to The Christian Post, and has clarified that it is unable to confirm any possible scenario yet.

“Is there a possibility that that happened? Absolutely, there are many possibilities,” a NTSB spokesperson told The Christian Post, adding that they do not have any evidence to support that theory as of today.

The board began the investigation on Saturday, appointing Howard Plagens as the Investigator-in-Charge.

It is yet to be determined whether usage of vintage planes in air shows should be banned due to malfunction risks.

Meanwhile, an 11th person has died from injuries. Monday, medical officials confirmed the death of 50-year-old Craig Salerno, a father of two, according to Fox News.

Salerno was reportedly sitting in the VIP section at the air show when the plane hit.

A spokesman for the medical examiner's office told Fox News that investigators have been trying to identify body parts since the accident, which made it more difficult to determine the number of the dead with all certainty.

Within the Reno community, people have attempted to provide support for the victims and their families with medical help and prayer. Many are volunteering to donate blood, Rev. Stefani Schatz of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Reno told The Christian Post.

A memorial for the victims of the crash is to be held on Sept. 25th.