New Florida Sinkhole: 8 Ft Sinkhole Opens Up Between 2 Homes in Seffner (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Scott Audette)Demolition crews watch as the house, where Jeffrey Bush was swallowed by a sinkhole, is demolished in Seffner, Florida March 3, 2013. Florida rescue workers ended their efforts on Saturday to recover the body of Jeffrey Bush, who disappeared into the sinkhole that swallowed his bedroom while he slept and demolished the suburban Tampa home due to its dangerous conditions, a rescue spokeswoman said.

A new Florida sinkhole has appeared just weeks after a man, Jeff Bush, was swallowed up by a sinkhole as he laid in bed when it opened up under his home in Seffner, Florida.

This time a new Seffner sinkhole has appeared on Saturday evening between two homes at the 1400 block of Lake Shore Drive. According to officials the new sinkhole measures about eight feet wide.

Authorities have immediately evacuated the homes on either side of the new sinkhole, and locals are said to be shaken up by yet another reported sinkhole in their area.

This is the third sinkhole to be found in this same Florida town within a month, after a second had also appeared in the days after the Jeff Bush incident.

In the most dramatic and horrifying of the three sinkholes, 37 year old Bush was sucked down into a massive 30 foot wide and 60 foot deep sinkhole on March 3 as he laid in his bed in Seffner, Florida.

That first sinkhole gained international media coverage. Bush's family members have recalled to media that they were all preparing for bed when they heard a loud crashing sound and then Bush screaming as he was sucked down into the hole.

Officials have stated that despite a thorough search it is highly unlikely that Bush's body will ever be recovered from the hole.

The home was bulldozed to the ground following the incident, and officials are now moving to stabilize the sinkhole so it does not cause any further issues to the other residents in the area.

Jessica Damico of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue has said at this point it is very likely that the evacuated residents from that first incident may never be allowed to return to those homes again.

Locals have been talking to media, with many saying they are leaving to stay at hotels, according to The Daily Mail. Many are shocked saying that it was "too close for comfort," and others are saying they want to get their homes inspected for sinkholes near them. Some others though have said they are not concerned as the new hole is relatively small.

This latest sinkhole is not thought to be related to the others.