New iPhone 6 Rumors Say Handset Will Feature Temperature and Humidity Sensors

The iPhone 6 could feature temperature, humidity and pressure sensors when it is released later this year.

Electronics analyst Sun Chang Xu reported that the next iPhone will add these components in a recent post on her Weibo account.

Xu also predicted that Apple might use optical sensors to measure heart rate and oxygen levels with the rumored iWatch device. These sensors would make both of them more like the Samsung Galaxy S4 which featured similar components.

Other recent rumors point to the iPhone 6 model being a variation of the iPhone 5c and not the iPhone 5s.

News that originated from Mac Otakara states that this bigger version will function as an extension of Apple's lineup and will not replace either of the current-gen models. The site also claims that Apple decided on 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch displays as screen sizes for the models it would want to release later this year.

The new iPhone's design will be similar to the current model, however, it is said to be partially inspired by the iPod nano, which comes in a range of colors like the iPhone 5c, but has an aluminum body instead of a plastic one.

The 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to measure in at 14x7cm. The 5.7-inch model will be 16x8. Both models are expected to be 7mm thick with a rear camera protruding from it.

Another report from ZDNet Korea claims that Samsung recently signed a contract with Apple to produce the A8 processor for the iPhone 6 at its Austin, Texas plant and that it is already in the final stages of testing.

A previous report contradicted this most recent one as it claimed Samsung was struggling with poor yields of the A8 processor and would not be able to meet Apple's demands. This resulted in the company shifting over most of the chip's production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.