Rosie O'Donnell's New Show Premiere Date Announced For Oct. 10

The Oprah Winfrey Network announced Friday that the premiere date for its new nightly Rosie O’Donnell talk show, “The Rosie Show”, will be October 10th.

“It was right at the time when NBC had thrown Conan (O’Brien) under the bus… taking 15 years of service and treat it as if it was nothing,” said O’Donnell.

She said that unpleasant incident had worn out any desire she had to “align myself with a major corporation,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

O’Donnell’s original talk show, “The Rosie O’Donnell Show”, aired for six seasons from 1996-2002 and earned the host several Emmy Awards.

O’Donnell’s show on OWN may be similar to the previous program, opening with comedy and hosting celebrity guests.

“I think that the reason for my success is that I am really not aspirational. I am inspirational in that the people at home feel like they can relate to me,” O’Donnell explains of her success as a television show host. “I am really more the audience. Nobody is really at home saying ‘God if I could only be Rosie O’Donnell: an overweight lesbian who yells too much.’”

“The Rosie Show” will air daily at 7 P.M. ET on the network cable channel for OWN, and among the star guests that O’Donnell have her sights set on are actor-comedian Russell Brand and singer Adele.

“What I’m hoping to do and what I think I will do is make an entertaining and enjoyable show where… the whole family can sit down and watch,” said O’Donnell. “My job is mostly to entertain and be funny.”

Along with the announcement of the new “Rosie” show, Oprah Winfrey told the Television Critics Association that she was immersed in her network and was striving to ensure it serves her vision as well as the needs of viewers.