Nexus 10 vs. iPad Mini: Which One is the Better Christmas Buy?

The Nexus 10 vs. the iPad Mini seems like an unfair fight while comparing specifications.

In that department, it would make more sense to compare the 4th generation iPad to the Nexus 10 tablet, but when it comes to price, the iPad Mini vs. Nexus 10 is a formidable battle.

In order for this to be fair, we have to look at the base models of both devices.

The Wi-Fi only, 16GB version of Apple's iPad Mini will run Christmas shoppers $329.

The Wi-Fi only, 16GB version of Samsung and Google's Nexus 10 costs $399, making it $100 cheaper than the base iPad 4th generation and $70 more that the iPad Mini.

So for just $70 more, Christmas shoppers could pick up a tablet that has a larger screen at 10.1-inches compared to the Mini's 7.9-inch display. It also has a resolution that not only rivals, but beats out the iPad 4th generation's in terms of resolution. The iPad Mini only has the specifications and resolution found on the iPad 2- the final Apple tablet before the Retina display was introduced on the 3rd generation model.

The Nexus 10 features the finest display found in the tablet market today with a resolution of 2560 x 1600.

The iPad Mini features a 7.9-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 768, which makes it a bit more appealing than some of the 7-inch tablets currently available in the market, but pales in comparison to the Retina iPad and Nexus 10.

So if you are looking to save money and purchase a high-end tablet, or even thinking about purchasing a low-end tablet made by Apple, you might want to think about the Nexus 10 before you shell out $329. For just, $70 more, you could have one of the finest tablets in the market.