NFL Player Hurt in Nightclub Opens Spot for Vikings Matt Kalil

The Washington Redskin's Trent Williams will not play in the NFL Pro Bowl after the offensive tackle was injured in a bar brawl in Hawaii.

As a result of the melee Williams suffered a laceration to his head and required several stiches. ESPN's NFL Insider, Adam Schefter, reported that Williams had been struck in the head with a champagne bottle and also tasered.

The NFL issued a statement following news of the incident revealing that he will be replaced by Matt Kalil of the Minnesota Vikings.

"Trent Williams was the victim of an assault at a night club in central Honolulu early this morning and another individual has been arrested," according to a NFL statement.

"Due to an injury sustained during the assault, he will not play in the Pro Bowl and has been replaced by Matt Kalil. Trent is still a member of this year's NFC All-Star team and will be on the sidelines this Sunday wearing his jersey."

Investigators with the Honolulu Police Department stated that Williams was not the aggressor in the fight, but that two other males had also been injured.

"At 1:30 am this morning, Honolulu Police Department officers responded to a report of a large affray at a night club in central Honolulu," a spokesman for the police department read in a statement.

"Three males were injured during the affray. Two were treated and released from the hospital, and the third male declined treatment," the spokesman added.

Police also explained that one individual was already facing charges including 3rd degree assault, but that his name was going to be withheld until the investigation was complete given that additional charges could be filed.

The NFL did add that Williams would "be credited with a Pro Bowl appearance and receive a full player's share."

Kalil is the fourth Vikings' rookie to make the Pro Bowl since 2007, and will join six other Vikings on the NFC sidelines at the Pro Bowl.