Obamacare Eroding Marriages and Families

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GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum recently posted that Barack Obama's administration is purposefully thwarting marriage and family via the conduit of Obamacare. Santorum accused Obama and his administration of "implementing healthcare policies that discourage marriage and hurt families." Santorum also said, "Do you realize that if you are married under Obamacare, you pay a lot more than if you are living together under Obamacare? A lot more."

Santorum Is Right

The Hill reports that Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, in a report said that Obamacare actually "penalizes married couples" by making it more difficult to obtain insurance.

The report states that married couples will receive only 14% of tax credits, while Obamacare allows 7.4-8.1 million singles to avoid paying any income taxes at all!

There are 2 provisions that are cited as being particularly hurtful to married couples:

1. The credits are directly connected to those who are in poverty level, which reinforces a motive to "stay under the line of success." Most married couples are working and surpass the poverty line, therefore those tax subsidies do not help or affect them, only those who are below the poverty level. A sort of "encouragement to fail" if you would.

2. Usually one or both married couple has some sort of coverage. The second provision only provides credits to those who are employed where some type of insurance coverage is not provided. Again, a push to not succeed and break the barrier, in order to have the normal tax breaks. A penalty, if you will.

The crux of the tax credits is that they are tied to the individual rather than family.

It's Not Just Santorum

According to Politico, the GOP says that Obamacare discourages marriage itself! As Politico put it, "once people tie the knot, they may no longer be eligible for tax incentives for insurance."

What Does It Mean?

What this all boils down to is that marriage and family, according to our Christian values, is increasingly being wiped off the map. We have never been under such attack with so much force and momentum before, from major media networks declaring a "celebration to the end of marriage," to a forced government mandate on contraception coverage, which includes abortion.

We as marriage coaches, authors and writers boldly plead, no, "challenge" every one of us that are married and concerned about our marriage and family values to wait no longer. Do not pray about this any longer, that time has come and gone. It is now time to "act."

We must mobilize, vocalize and realize that it is now or never. This is our last chance to make the very values that founded our nation and made it what it is today to become once again our supporting foundation to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Mike and Trisha Fox are Christian marriage coaches and authors of Marriage For Today: A Practical Guide for Couples. foxfamily238@yahoo.com To find out more visit: http://www.marriagefortoday.com/