Obama's Tweets and Social Media Posts Crossing 250,000 Archived With Full Public Access

The White House has announced that all of President Barack Obama's tweets, Facebook posts and other social media offerings have been saved on a public archive.

(Photo: Reuters/Carlos Barria)U.S. President Barack Obama waves as he leaves the podium after speaking to journalists during his last news conference of the year at the White House in Washington, U.S., December 16, 2016.

All the tweets, GIFs, photos and videos shared by President Barack Obama and his administration over the last eight years can be found in the Obama White House Social Media Archive. The fully-searchable database is being hosted on the ArchiveSocial Platform and contains more than 250,000 posts, photos and videos.

The archive not only includes social media posts shared by POTUS and the White House but also those shared by more than 100 official White House social media accounts which includes that of the First Lady Michelle Obama.

Users can search through the database by keyword or by using the advanced search tab to access posts from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and many more similar sites.

The White House teamed up with Giphy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with various other organizations and companies, to collate and store the massive trove of data.

Following his appointment to the highest office in the state in 2009, Obama adopted social media unlike any President before him. And as his 8 year administration comes to an end, there is a massive trove of social media data which the White House maintains must be archived "in the interest of historical preservation and transparency," according to Digital Trends.

The Obama White House Social Media Archive is only one of several archival projects undertaken by the White House, it was revealed in a post shared Thursday on the official White House blog. Giphy launched a page with all the GIFs shared by the White House along with other related presidential GIFs.

MIT Media Lab's Electome group, in collaboration with a programmer Derek Lieu, released an interactive tool that compares tweets shared by the White House with a sampling of those shared by the public.

FeelTrain, an Oregon-based studio, created a Twitter bot that will republish White House tweets over the next eight years to mark significant moments of the Obama administration. The account @Relive44 will begin tweeting on May 1, to line up with the president's first tweet on May 1, 2009.

While all this is happening at the end of the Obama administration, it's worth mentioning that there is already a searchable, and far more entertaining, archive of tweets from President-Elect Donald Trump.