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'One-Punch Man' Season 2: Saitama To Finally Taste Defeat?

'One-Punch Man' Season 2: Saitama To Finally Taste Defeat?

One of the most highly anticipated Japanese anime series, "One-Punch Man," is set to return this year. Speculations about the storyline of the upcoming second season are rife. A popular theory that has been circulating online, though, suggests a shocking defeat.

Saitama, the main protagonist of "One-Punch Man," is known to have the ability to take down his foes with only one punch, hence the title. And while the first season was relatively easy for the hero, it looks like the second season will be different.

'One-Punch Man' season 2 is rumored to depict Saitama's first defeat. | Facebook/OfficialVIZMedia

It has been speculated that season 2 of "One-Punch Man" will see Saitama facing a new villain, Garou. For those who are unaware, Garou is a former student of Bang. He was banished by Silver Fang from his dojo after Garou beat all the other students in an effort to display how powerful he is.

Since "One-Punch Man" season 2 is said to depict the Hero Hunt arc, it is likely that Saitama will encounter Garou, who will want to challenge the one-punch hero. Moreover, Garou is expected to join forces with the Monster Association - a team of antagonists who are on a mission to take down the Hero Association of which Saitama is a member. The Monster Association consists of 17 members, each one with a different level of destruction.

With the alliance of Garou and the Monster Association, it is widely speculated that Saitama will encounter the first defeat in his life. Facing all of them will certainly prove to be a battle, especially since they are all powerful. It remains to be seen though if Saitama has the strength and capability to take them all down.

As for its release date, "One-Punch Man" season 2 is expected to premiere in mid-2017, although an official announcement has yet to be made. Consisting of 12 episodes, the Japanese anime will be available on Hulu and Daisuki upon its premiere.


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