Parasailing Accident: Florida Boat Owner Praying as Teenage Girls in Critical Condition (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The parasailing accident that seriously injured two Indiana girls in the Florida Panhandle this week has led to the owner of the company involved to say he is praying for the victims to recover.

"Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the families of the injured girls and we all pray for their speedy recovery," Aquatic Adventures owner Jeff Jones has said in a statement to The News Herald. "While we adhere to best practices to minimize the risks associated with watersport activities, sudden weather conditions can and do occur."

(Photo: YouTube/ABC News Screen Shot)This screen capture of video footage of a Florida parasailing accident shows the teenagers slamming into a building after their parasail snapped.

Jones did not add anything more to his statement, but simply noted that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating this week's crash.

Lt. John Authement, supervisor of the Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment in Panama City has said, "The Coast Guard investigates all reportable marine casualties and accidents to determine the causal factors, so that through regulation and education we might prevent similar incidents from recurring."

The horrific incident that injured Sidney Renea Good of Roanoake, Ind. and Alexis Fairchild of Huntington, Ind. took place when their parasail snapped.

The two 17 year olds flew into the side of a building before dropping and hitting a power line before slamming into a parked car below.

The two girls were rushed to hospital in Panama City and have been in there since the accident in critical condition. Both reportedly suffered severe head injuries and bad cuts.

Alexis has been reported to have suffered serious back injuries but has been able to walk around cautiously, where as Sidney suffered a broken neck and has been confined to a hospital bed. Both reportedly underwent brain surgery to treat swelling on the brain.

Earlier on Wednesday the girls' families released a joint statement saying, "Our daughters, Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild, are still at Bay Medical Center in Panama City, Florida, recovering from a parasailing accident on July 1; however we have seen more progress from yesterday."

They added, "Alexis was able to walk today with a walker and the assistance of a physical therapist and she walked into Sidney's room to visit. Sidney is still in critical condition, but we are seeing small signs of progress. She is able to open one of her eyes and communicate to us with nods and gestures."

Here is a video report on the incident: