'Parks and Rec' Season 6 Episode 12: Ann and Chris Farewell

(PHOTO:Facebook/Rob Lowe)

Last night's episode of hit NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation" was certainly an emotional one. Long-time characters Ann, played by Rashida Jones, and Chris, played by Rob Lowe, left the show. To see what Amy Poehler had to say about the departure of her co-stars, read on.

Amy plays Leslie Knope on the show. She recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about saying goodbye to Ann and Chris.

"What I love so much about that episode is what I feel I'm most proud about with Parks: It's really funny and goofy, and then it's really sweet and earned, and we get to act in it like actors instead of weird joke machines. It involves all the things I liked about all the shows growing up, like those moments on 'Cheers' — not to compare us to 'Cheers' — where you're laughing and laughing and then you really care," she explained.

"That's what I loved about Steve Carell's performance on 'The Office' — you were never quite sure when you were going to care and it felt good when you did. And satisfying," the comedienne continued. "This episode is really satisfying and it's really sad, but really funny. And it's given us a great arc to write — Leslie's not able to deal with Ann leaving and how she's struggling against it — all that stuff is really funny and fun to play."

She went on to tease that fans will perhaps get to see Ann and Chris again in future episodes in a smaller capacity.

"Nobody is ever really going to leave Pawnee — we'll never let them leave. We just brought back a [small character] from season 1," Poehler said.