Phanatic ATV Breakdown: Phillies Mascot Distressed When Car Breaks Down (VIDEO)

Phanatic Phil ran into some mechanical difficulties on Monday night during Philadelphia's game against the Washington Nationals when his ATV broke down, leaving him to his own resources to pump up the crowd.

Phanatic Phil has a routine of rounding up fans before each baseball game by driving his ATV down the stadium. But on Monday night, when the green-feathered creature went to start the ATV up, he discovered some mechanical issues instead. The video is amusing, as Phil appears to show genuine concern for the dysfunctional vehicle.

Phanatic Phil has been the mascot for the Phillies since 1977 when Dennis Lehman decided to give the San Francisco chicken some competition. But while the creature was developed to make Philly games more family friendly, Phil hasn't gotten the best press over the past year.

A woman filed a lawsuit against the massive green mascot last year, after he was accused of throwing her into a pool.

"During his comic routine, the Phillie Phanatic approached plaintiff, picked up her chair and threw plaintiff and her chair into the pool," the June 2012 lawsuit read.

In March, Phil was also a little less than family friendly after deciding to go in for a kiss with a news reporter during live TV. The reporter covered annual Phillies event titled "Paint the Town Red." She invited Phanatic Phil to help explain more about the event, although he doesn't talk at all. But after jumping on screen and doing a dance move or two, Phil decided to take the reporter in for a kiss.

"I guess I have a boyfriend now," the reporter exclaimed after being released by the mascot.

Unable to start the ATV on Monday night, Phil was left helping a crew of four other men as they lifted the vehicle and carried it off of the field.