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Fired Chuck E. Cheese Voice Actor Hopes Fans Were Touched by Jesus

Fired Chuck E. Cheese Voice Actor Hopes Fans Were Touched by Jesus

After serving as the voice of Chuck E. Cheese for nearly 20 years, Duncan Brannan learned recently that he has been replaced. Though shocked by the news, which the company allegedly failed to relay to him, Brannan has no hard feelings. In fact, he says all that matters is that he is a Christian.

"Regardless ... of how all this has transpired, God is faithful and worthy of praise," he stated last week.

Brannan went further to state that he hopes that everyone he interacted with as Chuck E. Cheese "experienced Christ" through him.

"For He is all that matters, now and for all eternity. I hope that you have seen Christ in me," he said in his message to fans.

Chuck E. Cheese's was founded in 1977 and touts its wholesome environment for families. The national chain offers both pizza and games for young children. Its signature mascot is a giant talking mouse. Brannan was the voice behind that character.

His task, when he first got the job in 1993, was to morph Chuck E. Cheese from a "joke-telling, sometimes off-color New Jersey rat to a lovable, mainstream mouse who could sing." He was able to bring those changes to the character.

According to the voice actor, however, the company has been revamping its image and marketing strategy over the past several months. A new song called "Chuck's Hot New Single" also seemed peculiar to him – considering he wasn't the voice in the song.

After noticing the changes, Brannan contacted the company about his role and was told that he would still serve as the character's voice. But as he began to produce fewer shows and as new images of "Chuck E." began to appear, he continued to inquire.

"There was simply no direct answer. No one would say," he said in his message.

His friend finally confirmed to him, after Brannan inquired again, that he has been replaced.

CEC Entertainment Inc. actually plans to launch a national ad campaign this week to show off a hipper Chuck E. Cheese, one that plays an electric guitar, as reported by The Associated Press.

While recognizing the company's right to do what they want to do and when they want to, Brannan said he was surprised that he was never approached or notified regarding the newest changes.

Nevertheless, he said he is grateful to God and CEC, Inc., for having served in the position.

"It was never about a paycheck because God will always provide for His children ... No. What it was about, what my sincere hope is that you – you fans, you parents, and all of you kids who have loved Chuck E. Cheese over the years – have seen, heard, or experienced Jesus Christ in and through my life in some way.

"I hope that He touched your life through mine in some special way and, if that happened, then I was doing my one true real job, which is sharing Him with all of you."

"I am one who believes that salvation (from sin, God's judgment, and hell) is found in no other name under heaven but the risen Lord and Savior and returning King, Jesus Christ," he added.

According to AP, Brannan is being replaced by Jaret Reddick, lead singer for Bowling for Soup.


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