Pink, the New Face of CoverGirl: Kick 'Traditional' Makeup to the Curb

Pink is the new face of CoverGirl's next makeup campaign, and the singer was quick to let her legions of fans know the news.

"Guess who's the new COVERGIRL!!!!!!!!!!" Pink tweeted to her nearly 10 million followers. Many of them responded with surprise and congratulations, as the singer formerly known as Alecia Beth Moore has been known for anything but conformity.

CoverGirl acknowledged that Pink's promotion of their makeup line was anything but traditional, although they see it as an asset, rather than a liability.

"Pink is a powerful and provocative role model, who has always been an advocate of individualism and making no apologies for who you are," CoverGirl vice president and general manager Esi Eggleston Brace said.

Using Pink's take-no-prisoners personality as an advantage, CoverGirl feels she would "dare every woman" to stray away from conventional makeup designs and purchase new products, expected to be released in the fall.

"[She] is going to dare every woman to take more beauty chances and join her in kicking traditional conventions to the curb," said the company in their press release.

They seem to already be taking strides in that direction; in the promotional photo Pink posted on Twitter, she appears with her signature pink her, daring blue and peach eye shadow, and minimal pink blush. In addition, she wears a matching orange necklace and fingernail paint, completing the bold look.

By becoming the newest face of CoverGirl, Moore joins the ranks of ladies like Taylor Swift, Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore, Ellen Degeneres, and Queen Latifah- women who have affected culture in profound ways with their talent and beauty. Pink said she was "inspired" by such women, and now plans to take their place as the face of their newest line.

"Joining a group of women who have always inspired me- to laugh out loud, let my guard down, or play around with my beauty look- is such an honor," the singer told People magazine.