Pippa Middleton, Boyfriend Ready to Marry?

Are wedding bells in the future for Pippa Middleton and boyfriend Nico Jackson? New reports state that the couple is waiting for Pippa's sister Kate to give birth before announcing their engagement.

"An engagement is definitely on the cards," a friend told the Daily Mail. "The last time Nico spoke about Pippa to his friends back home in Folkestone, he was totally buzzing about her. He is in his element right now. He has never been happier, and this is really what he wants."

"Pippa has also told her family that Nico is the one," another close source added.

The 35-year-old banker has been with 29-year-old Pippa for approximately eight months. The two were first seen in public together in September of last year and have since been on holiday together, and Nico has been on holiday with Pippa, Kate, and William. Nico and Pippa both share a love of tennis and have been seen at several tennis matches, and playing the game as well.

"Nico is tall, good-looking and has the most amazing piercing blue eyes," a friend said. "He is incredibly charismatic and stands out from the crowd. He is a really good catch – everyone is after him."

Pippa and Nico also share a love of skiing and have been on quite a few trips together. His family runs a ski and sportswear shop, and in March, he and Pippa competed in a 26-mile ski marathon in Switzerland.

He attended the Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone and Kingston University in Surrey and now works at the Deutsche Bank, where he is constantly introduced to members of the elite upper class.

"I've known Nico since he was a boy," a family friend told the Daily Mail. "Nico is always very well-mannered, the whole family is. I know Nico is terrific at skiing, maybe that's where he met Pippa, on the ski slopes."

Pippa is a published author who recently started writing for "Vanity Fair."