Pippa Middleton Dating Ex-Beau Again

Pippa Middleton is off the market; reports state that the celebrity is back together with George Percy.

Middleton has been in the public eye since big sister Kate's wedding to Prince William. There has been much speculation about whether she will marry, and who will be the groom.

British paper The Sun has said that she is back with former beau George Percy, heir to the Duke of Northumberland.

Percy will one day be named Earl of Northumberland and inherit an estate that includes Alnwick Castle, which is more popularly known as Hogwarts Castle.

The two have been friends for years after meeting at Edinburgh University. They broke up, though, and Middleton began dating banker Alex Louden.

Percy helped Middleton get over her break-up with Louden, according to sources.

"Pippa has always been close to [Percy]. There is no doubt this was a huge issue for her ex-boyfriend Alex. After they parted, the first thing she did was spend a weekend on George's estate in Northumberland. But now they are out in the open," a friend told The Sun.

Middleton and her sister were brought up in a family that sought to improve itself by marrying up, and this would certainly be a nice step.

Mother Carole established party-planning business Party Pieces, which brought the family much success. The Middleton family was then able to send the girls to an upscale boarding school.

Dubbed the "Wisteria" sisters by British tabloids, citing their drive to move upward and hang on tightly to their position, Kate was the first to secure the family's prominence. Now, though, the spotlight has intensified on Pippa. From the moment of the wedding, people were wondering if she would settle down and marry soon or continue her single streak.

Middleton has often been compared to Prince Harry, William's younger brother. The two do not have the same weight of responsibility as their older siblings and do not seem to follow the status quo.

Some wondered if the younger siblings would get together and make a perfect pairing opposite Kate and William. For now, though, it appears that both Pippa and Harry are happy with their own respective lives and will make important decisions on their own.