Platform behind 'The Chosen' releases season 2 of clean sitcom 'Freelancers': 'People really want to laugh'

Season two of "Freelancers" is now available on the Angel app. |

At a time when clean sitcoms are hard to come by, the streaming platform behind “The Chosen” has released the second season of the popular, family-friendly crowdfunded series “Freelancers.”

The online comedy show on Angel App, the new platform from Angel Studios, follows five best friends trying to make it as filmmakers and start a production company with no budget, one terrible job at a time. On the heels of the success of season one of the “Freelancers” — which received over 7 million organic views — the cast is back for a second season. 

“In season two, we find our freelancers evicted from their house but not from friendship,” notes the press release. “After finding a new place ... they make videos for teens, daycare centers, local barbers, and even a magically enchanted theme park. They work hard together as best friends to make a dollar. Hopefully.” 

Natalie Madsen, the executive producer of "Freelancers," told The Christian Post that with season two of the show, viewers can expect “more of what we delivered in season one but leveled up. Crazy and lovable characters, terrible jobs, and lots of love. And of course, all family-friendly.”

The series features alums from BYUtv’s viral sketch-comedy show, “Studio C,” who had gone on to create JK! Studios — and is driven largely by women.

“I think we are an excellent show that happens to be run by women,” Madsen said. “Women, of course, have a unique view of the world, so that informs our comedy. We hope to be thought of as just funny leaders, regardless of our gender. I think female comedians are getting more and more recognition, which makes me happy. But women have always been funny and always been leaders. Exciting that we get the chance to do that now.”

Angel Studios — the Provo-based group behind “The Chosen” and "Dry Bar Comedy" — launched the Angel app to help creators crowdfund and distribute content that amplifies positive, family-friendly content.

JK! Studios, which focuses on making family-friendly comedy, created season one of the show with a “tiny production budget and no marketing money, yet it still got viewed millions of times,” they said. But for season two, creators partnered with Angel Studios to crowdfund. The studios’ other projects have garnered billions of views worldwide.

Dallas Jenkins, the creator of "The Chosen," previously explained to CP that though operating outside of traditional Hollywood structures has its challenges — particularly regarding distribution and funding — doing so allows creators to produce family-friendly content without backlash.

“We can’t be canceled. We’re owned by nobody. We don’t have to alter our message whatsoever to please anybody. We play by our own rules,” he said.

And the support for “Freelancers,” Madsen said, is “overwhelming; creators raised more than $1 million in funding for season two.

“It shows me that people really want to laugh, and laugh together. There is a need in the world and we are so lucky that we can fill it,” she said, later adding: “We have been so happy with how it’s been received and hope to grow the audience even more in 2022.”

Season two debuted in November, with new episodes released each week until mid-December. Already, Madsen said the response from viewers has been “amazing” — and JK! Studios hopes to do two more seasons and possibly a "Freelancers" movie, in the future.

Show creators, she added, are motivated by the idea that they can provide some levity for viewers at the end of what has been a particularly difficult year for many.

“The stories we hear from fans about watching it together during hard times,” Madsen shared. “Kids saying they watch us during chemo treatments, families watching it together after a parent has a lost a job. Helping people laugh when it’s hard to laugh. That’s what it’s all about.”

“Freelancers” season one and two are both available on Angel. 

Leah M. Klett is a reporter for The Christian Post. She can be reached at:

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